Tuesday, August 3, 2010

how it went down...

The baby was born early Monday, 12:30a.m. at 33 weeks. She is on a feeding tube, i.v. and oxygen. Her lungs aren't ready and she hasn't developed the sucking reflex necessary to eat by herself.

The birthfather showed up as well as -----'s sister. He says he will fight the adoption and he wants her to keep the baby. He hates her other kid's father and thinks if she can keep them she should keep his. He's 21 and supposed to enter the military. While they were together, he cheated on her 3 times that she knows of.

Her sister has 8 kids. Eight. She said, "You can do this." She lives hundreds of miles away with a husband in California. ----'s father, who wrote her off when she got pregnant because he didn't like the boyfriend, has nothing, is diabetic, blind, in kidney failure and living with his son. He cried and told ----- he would help her with this baby...

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