Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Traveling Day 1-Sat. 7/17

At 4:30 a.m., Josh and I left for hubby's firehouse in Queens, left the car and the dog with him, and took a taxi to JFK. We had a long layover in Atlanta so I arranged to meet a friend there for lunch. Thanks, Kev, was great! Our flight left late. We arrived in San Antonio about 4, picked up our car (a brand new Dodge Charger...Josh wants one), and got to the hotel about 5. Unpacked, Josh flushed the toilet wouldn't stop filling...the room started to flood...grabbed our stuff and moved down the hall. We laughed our giddy butts off.

I dragged Josh to the supermarket. We scarfed down some food at the suite. Josh jumped in the shower. I called the birthmother to tell her we arrived and firm up plans for Sunday. A young man answered; I left a message. We checked out the pool, watched some TV and passed out. The birthmother didn't call me back that night.

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