Sunday, June 20, 2010

America's First Woman President

This is sad, so skip it if you don't want to cry. I felt like the first woman ever to be with child. My father had died the year before and I believed this impossible baby was his gift. Birds sang to me, colors were brighter, the wind was perfumed. I read all the books and parenting magazines. I was going to do everything perfectly. Around week 20, a sonogram showed us our baby girl,Hayley. The next day, I had her ballet school picked out and started looking at colleges...My daughter would have the perfect childhood. I would do exactly the opposite of what my parents did.

At seven months, I went into labor. I delivered Hayley and held her for a few minutes. She looked just like me. She was very sick and she died. I buried her with my dad. I cursed the selfish bastard for taking her back. I loved them both so much.

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