Sunday, June 20, 2010

moving ahead

For the next two years I had one mission. I was going to have a baby. I found the best high risk obstetrician and he sent me to a reknowned fertility specialist. There was more loss and months of single-minded agony but finally, Joe's most strongest superest sperm found my one goodest greatest egg and we conceived Joshua. Of course, this wasn't any lala happy, glowing pregnancy.
I loved my obstetrician. He was a machine. He knew every fact in my file without ever looking at it twice. He was on top of every movement my body made. Immediately, he saw there was a problem with my kidneys. "Have you ever had a kidney problem?"
"Well, I had a strep infection when I was twelve. It travelled to my kidneys. I almost died, but I've been fine since then..."
"You've gotta get to a nephrologist, now." He sent me to the head of the department at the hospital that same day.

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