Sunday, June 20, 2010

new mommy new kidney

I had just crazy love for this child. My kidney function bounced back for a while after his birth. Then, it slowly began to deteriorate. Josh was five when they made me start dialysis. I didn't handle it well. Dialysis was brutal. Cramping, vomiting, passing out then driving home to make Josh dinner, bathe him, teach him, love him. If that boy wasn't home waiting for me, I would have driven into a brick wall. Joe took care of everything. Everything. Did I tell you he is a saint?

In 2005, my mom was able to give me a kidney and I never went back to the dialysis center. She gave me life, twice. Please sign the organ donor line on your driver's license.

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  1. that so doesnt seem like 5 years ago time flies by xx