Sunday, June 20, 2010

more pregnancy stuff

It turned out that infection had left me with 30% kidney function but since you can live with only 10%, nobody knew until the pregnancy started taxing what function I had. I was put on a special diet, meds and bed rest. The last couple of months, I was at the OB-GYN office daily hooked up to the fetal moniter. At 30 something weeks they started poking into my amniotic fluid weekly to check if the baby's lungs could handle air. As soon as they could, labor was induced.
My beloved doc was away on holiday so his not so beloved colleague was in charge of the delivery. She's a highly respected doctor in her own right. It doesn't matter; I hate her. After 20 hours of induced labor, she finally said to hell with it and blew her low c-section stats and ordered one. They very nearly lost me on the table. It doesn't matter. When I woke up, I was handed the most beautiful baby in the world. He looked just like me.

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