Sunday, June 20, 2010

getting healthy

Let's get up to speed. Recovery from a kidney transplant takes a good six months. I came home with about 60 metal staples in the shape of a shark bite on my belly. There were loads of meds. I'll need to take serious immuno-suppressants forever. Who cares? No dialysis! Woo! I healed. I still felt like crap. After all those toxic years, I was in really bad shape. I'd started eating mostly organic with my first pregnancy. Now, without all these dietary and physical restrictions, I focus on nutrition and keeping my butt in shape.

When I was so sick for all those years, I pretty much gave up the idea of ever having a second child so I told everybody I only wanted one. They had to give me a partial hysterectomy after Josh was born because another pregnancy was not an option and I didn't think I'd ever be healthy enough to be eligible to adopt. I am now. You are up to speed.

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